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The GUT PLUG is truly a ‘purpose driven’ design. WKS had an idea for something that was small, concealable and versatile in its defensive application. What we landed on was a knife that can be used in many grips in the same form factor as other knives in this category. The overall dimensions are very similar to the clinch pick, designed by Craig Douglas. This was no accident, when Jay originally brought this idea to me he wanted to keep the overall size super compact for carry and concealment in a variety of positions. The clinch pick is a fantastic design that allows incredible access in a close quarters fight, so that is where we started.

With some constraints and the push to design something that wasn’t just my copy of a clinch pick I started thinking and designing. After thinking about it for a while I had an idea hit me so I grabbed the closest piece of paper and crudely sketches the image in my head. From there it was all refinement.

I’ll spare you all the gritty details but after many weeks flushing out the shapes I had some working prototypes that were sent out to @runenationllc @one_7_six (Instagram) for their expert opinions. The feedback was fantastic and we refined the design to what you see now. Huge thank you to both of those guys for their input.

Gut Plug Specs:

1/8" 80crv2

OAL 5.25"

BL 2.5"

HRC 58-61 HRC

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