I am not currently taking any custom orders. I am currently making knives in batches then releasing them as a 'drop' on this website. While this may seem frustrating, it is the fastest way for me to make knives and I can therefore offer more.

I try to be as transparent as possible with the drops; giving you all the information beforehand via Instagram and the Newsletter (subscribe at the bottom of any page). Turning on post notifications on Instagram and subscribing to the Newsletter will be the best way to stay up to date. When the knives hit the website it is all first come first serve and your purchase is not reserved if it is in your cart. I recommend setting up your shop app so that you can breeze through checkout ( since the drops tend to go quickly. Each drop will have only a couple or maybe even just a single model. This is so I can have a larger quantity of each configuration which will make it easier to get something you want. So if you don't see the model you are after in the upcoming drop or if you missed a drop don't fret because that model will be available again in a later drop (unless otherwise stated). But don't hesitate to reach out via Instagram and let me know what you are after!


Each model below will have a base price listed, this price is for the basic configuration. This includes the knife with an acid etch, plain kydex sheath and a DCC clip. All knives will ship with a Dull Boy knuck and logo stickers as well as a blade care sheet. 

The additional variations are listed below.

- wrapped sheath + $20

- small rock texture + $10

-single color Cerakote + $30

-specialty Cerakote + ($40-$70)




I will offer designs in a variety of configurations. But to clarify some of the options here are a few examples:

- large rock texture

-small rock texture


-peel ply





Base price $280

The Beekeeper gets it's name from my parents who are beekeepers. I made the first knife in this shape for my dad who found it useful as a hive tool. The name fit and the Beekeeper was born. This knife is truly a beast and can be useful in a variety of settings from beekeeping, to bushcraft and tactical applications. With a full flat grind and reverse taper that maintains full spine thickness all the way to the tip. This strengthens the tip while increasing rigidity and toughness.

This is the design that started the entire Beekeeper lineup (full size, mini, micro). Who knows maybe we will see an XL Beekeeper down the road!

Beekeeper Specs:

3/16 1084, 80crv2, 52100

OAL 9.5"

BL 4.75"

HRC 58-61



Base price $250

The mini beekeeper is a true jack of all trades when it comes to EDC sized blades. With both slicing and penetration capabilities you can carry it as a daily user for everyday tasks while knowing that it has teeth as a defensive blade also. The size of this knife is a real Goldilocks situation for me (I'm 6'5" and I wear L-XL gloves). Small enough to comfortably carry iwb or in the pocket and large enough for a full grip. 

An additional feature is the grind. It’s a flat grind that maintains the spine thickness to the end just like the full size beekeeper. This is why you see an progressively larger secondary bevel (cutting edge). This adds to the rigidity of the blade in both cutting and penetrating.

Mini Beekeeper Specs:

1/8 1084, 80crv2, 52100

OAL 7.25"

BL 3.25"

HRC 58-61



Base price $200

The Micro Beekeeper is the smallest knife I currently offer and is a handy little companion. Carry it as a neck knife or throw it in your pocket, this three finger knife is more capable than you might expect. 

Micro Beekeeper Specs:

1/8 1084, 80crv2, 52100

OAL 5.6"

BL 2.75"

HRC 58-61



Base price $280

The Squid is primarily designed to be a skinning knife, but can be adapted for a variety of other tasks. It has a large handle and a blade that is all belly to glide smoothly through tissue. The curved spine provides a more ergonomic skinning position for increased efficiency and control. When you put your finger on the spine of the blade and rest the handle in the palm of your hand you can intuitively guide the knife while maintaining a neutral wrist angle. 

Squid Specs:

1/8 1084, 80crv2, 52100

OAL 8.15"

BL 3.5"

HRC 58-61



Base price $250

The Cuddlefish is the Squid's little brother with very similar features but a few key differences. Cuddlefish was actually the name I gave the first knife I made back in 2018. The design has matured through the years but the profile still retains a similar shape. This design started its life as a skinning knife and through the help of Anthony over at Lay Hate has evolved into a war belt or kit knife while still retaining it's skinning functionality. The curved spine allows comfortable appendix carry on a war belt while still offering a full grip. The compact nature of this knife allows for more carry options for many purposes including edc.

The curved spine gives you a more ergonomic grip when skinning. It’s very intuitive to put your finger on the spine and hold the handle in the cup of your hand. The tip of the blade extends naturally past your finger and puts your wrist in a more comfortable position.

The blade is all belly which aids in skinning  (this is because only a small portion of the edge is actually making contact initially which penetrates surface tension. Just like the tip of your knife will puncture a tomato more efficiently than a straight edge).

The curved spine and deep first finger groove give you the option to use a punch grip without worrying about your finger sliding forward and getting cut. This and the sharp tip give yo the option to fight with this knife making it much more versatile option for both hunting and tactical applications.  

Cuddlefish Specs:

1/8" 1084, 80crv2, 52100

OAL 7.15"

BL 3.25"

HRC 58-61



Base price $250

I was trying to think of a shape that would be extremely comfortable for extended whittling while also looking right at home in the forest. The Nature Boy is a great little outdoor blade while also a solid choice for an edc.

Nature Boy Specs:

1/8" 1084, 80crv2, 52100

OAL 7.125"

BL 3"

HRC 58-61



Base price $260

The Messenger began as a custom that I did for family member Matt Messinger (note the spelling difference). And this no fuss drop point was here to stay after that. Drop points are a staple in the knife world for good reason. You can hunt with them, you can process wood, defend your life... I really do enjoy the balance and symmetry in this design. 

Messenger Specs:

1/8 1084, 80crv2, 52100

OAL 8"

BL 3.5"

HRC 58-61



Base price $230

I asked my now fiancé to design a knife so that I could make her exactly what she wanted. This is what she came up with (with only slight modifications). The nomad is a compact little knife that fits where it needs to.

Nomad Specs:

1/8" 1084, 80crv2, 52100

OAL 6.75"

BL 3"

HRC 58-61



Base price $250

The horny toad was my idea of a simple no fuss fighting knife. First off I am no expert in combat Ives of any sort. However I have witnessed many training fights (mostly on the internet) and it appears to be common to have to change hands after one hand gets trapped. This was a guiding design concept. You can hold this knife all 4 ways while maintaining retention and comfort. With a specific grip for pikal practitioners.

This is one of my favorite edc blades. It works well IWB using a static line for retention. 

The blade is a drop point and is fairly short in comparison to the large grip. Who knows maybe I’ll do an XL horny toad one day with a longer blade ;)

Horny Toad Specs:

1/8" 1084, 80crv2, 52100

OAL 7.38"

BL 3"

HRC 58-61



The GUT PLUG is truly a ‘purpose driven’ design. WKS had an idea for something that was small, concealable and versatile in its defensive application. What we landed on was a knife that can be used in many grips in the same form factor as other knives in this category. The overall dimensions are very similar to the clinch pick, designed by Craig Douglas. This was no accident, when Jay originally brought this idea to me he wanted to keep the overall size super compact for carry and concealment in a variety of positions. The clinch pick is a fantastic design that allows incredible access in a close quarters fight, so that is where we started.

With some constraints and the push to design something that wasn’t just my copy of a clinch pick I started thinking and designing. After thinking about it for a while I had an idea hit me so I grabbed the closest piece of paper and crudely sketches the image in my head. From there it was all refinement.

I’ll spare you all the gritty details but after many weeks flushing out the shapes I had some working prototypes that were sent out to @runenationllc @one_7_six (Instagram) for their expert opinions. The feedback was fantastic and we refined the design to what you see now. Huge thank you to both of those guys for their input.

Gut Plug Specs:

1/8" 1084, 80crv2, 52100

OAL 5.25"

BL 2.5"

HRC 58-61 HRC



Base price $400

I have always had a huge amount of respect and interest in Japanese knives. This design is largely based on a gyuto with an 8.5" blade. This knife has significantly more heft than most kitchen knives. Despite this the tall heel gives plenty of thin edge for rocking through veggies. This thing feels like a kitchen sword.

Chef Specs:

1/8" 1084, 80crv2

OAL 14.5"

BL 8.25"

HRC 60-63



Base price $350

I wanted to design a knife that would work as a nice pair to the chef knife, I decided on a petty. Petty means petite in French and this term refers to kitchen knives in the 5-6" category that are used for more delicate tasks. I wanted to have a heel that was tall enough to provide knuckle clearance to make a more versatile range of abilities. This is my go to kitchen knife for small tasks here and there and I have found myself venturing into the kitchen more than I normally would to find excuses to cut things.

Petty Specs:

1/8" 1084, 80crv2

OAL 9.75"

BL 5.5"

HRC 60-63



base price $100
The NEGATIVE ZERO is a simple friction folder made to have character and not break the bank. If you would like to read more about the design of this knife check out the blog post here.

1/16" 1084, 80crv2, 52100, AEBL



BL 2.5"

HRC 58-61 HRC


A quick note on blade steel and my decision to use a combination of 1084, 80crv2 and 52100. First off these steels will allow me to keep prices affordable while still offering a high quality product. Each high carbon steels can have very high toughness with decent hardness. I understand that none of these steels will be winning any edge retention competitions and that's okay with me. I am more concerned with ease of sharpening. I am making knives to be used and the reality is any edge will dull eventually and being able to easily put a wicked sharp edge quickly and easily is huge in my eyes. As for the rust issue, Axe Wax does a great job at preventing rust and Cerakoted blades will only have an edge to worry about which limits rust potential. I understand that there are some environments and applications where stainless is necessary. I will certainly be making knives in a variety of steels in the future but my main lineup will be high carbon.


And a final note all knives are heat treated in house with an Evenheat Kiln and Parks 50 quench oil (for the high carbon steels). All hardness is measured on a Tru-Blue II hardness tester in house.


Thanks for checking my stuff out! If you have any questions about anything don't hesitate to PM me on Instagram @dull.boy.blades