The expanding sharpener that is ready to go anywhere!
The Whole Enchilada is a complete knife sharpener that is compact, expandable and easy to use. When closed the leather strop and diamond stone are protected and the form factor is conveniently portable. When the sharpener is open you can use both the diamond stone and leather strop safely.


A complete sharpening system in the palm of your hand.


Sharpening is simple (not necessarily easy), there are two steps:
STEP 1. CREATE A BURR by removing metal until you reach an apex (diamond stone)
STEP 2. REMOVE THE BURR by stropping to reveal a razor sharp edge (leather strop)


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The diamond stone is durable and will sharpen any steel. 600 grit is course enough to remove material while also being fine enough to give you a nice working edge. It really is the goldilocks grit, no wonder its gold!


 By flipping the "flipper" you can switch between diamond stone and strop.



Stopping feels like magic because the results are completely disproportionate to the amount of effort it takes. You can use it to remove your burr after sharpening on the diamond stone, or touch up your edge to keep it razor sharp. 


When you are done the Whole Enchilada stores in a compact, self contained package that protects your sharpening surfaces.



3D printed with 3D Fuel Pro PLA + which is hard, tough with high heat tolerance. 

Weight: 2.2 oz

Closed Dimensions: 3.6 x 1.6 x .75"

Open Dimensions:  3.6 x 1.6 x 1.13"

Diamond Stone Grit: 600

Leather Strop: Cowhide leather with fine polishing compound applied


 The only part of this system that is not produced in the US are the diamond stones which come from China. The sharpeners are printed, leather is processed and laser cut in house and everything is assembled in Lubbock Texas. 

The click retention gives you an audible and tactile feedback that the sharpener is in position, either open or closed.


The storage compartment is the prefect place to store your small essentials; matches, pills, torx bits, cash...


You can even sharpen your tomahawks and axes!


With many colors to choose from you can go with understated, low vis options  or bright and UV colors that you will never lose in the tall grass.


With the sharpening surfaces directly above your hand, as opposed to out in front, you have a lot of control, leading to more consistent results, and less hand fatigue.


Made with the user in mind so you can be prepared wherever your next adventure takes you.



The blade path is safely away from your hand when sharpening.






I wanted to have a strop on me all of the time. It needed to be compact, protected in a self contained case (so I wouldn't need a bag to put it in) and be easy to use safely. I quickly found that the product I wanted did not exist. There are many products that do some of those things, and others that expanded outwards, which I did not like because this left the leather unsupported, necessitating a flat surface, which was no good in the field. 

So I decided to make it myself and I developed the STROP, which proved itself quickly and became an essential piece of my everyday and outdoor kits. It was obvious to me from the beginning that the next iteration would include a diamond stone. Specifically a diamond stone over other abrasive options because of their durability, versatility and form factor. The trouble was I didn't know how to incorporate a stone into the design while also maintaining all of the features I loved. 

I brainstormed many different solutions, all of which were dead ends for various reasons. There is a concept in manufacturing that any problem can be solved with enough time and money. It was no good having a $500 prototype for myself alone, I needed to hit a price point and be able to manufacture the thing myself. Long story short, I was showing my grandparents around my shop and sharing some of the projects I was working on, including this one. My Grandfather suggested a solution that was simpler than all of my complicated ideas. I was able to take that initial concept and tweak it to suit my need while sacrificing as little as possible. It may seem silly now that it took me over a year, and an idea that took my grandfather less than a minute to come up with, but sometimes simplicity is difficult to design, and an outside perspective is invaluable.

After countless hours testing, prototyping, tweaking, measuring, meeting with patent attorneys, sourcing materials, setting up manufacturing processes... I am proud to say that the Whole Enchilada is a reality. I truly hope, that if you decide to purchase one, this sharpener proves to be a valuable tool.

Patent Pending