Mounting a clip to your sheath

I include a Discreet Carry Concepts clip with every knife (with a couple exceptions) because they are the best in their category and proudly made in the US. Mounting the clip to your sheath offers a variety of convenient carry methods. It allows you to throw it in your pocket much like you would a folding knife, or inside your waistband without needing a belt.

But keeping the clip from moving around can be a challenge. I'll share with you the best way I have found to secure the clip, using just a piece of paracord. 

Firstly, I like to mount the clip as close to the centerline of the blade as possible, this prevents any binding or twisting when drawing and re-sheathing. 

Next we need to prepare our paracord, I prefer to gut the paracord so that the knots hold better and so there is less bulk. you should pre stretch the paracord also. This will help keep everything nice and tight.

Lastly we can secure the clip using two square knots (left over right, right over left) this is an important point that will help you undue the knot if you need to make adjustments later.

What we will be doing is limiting the movement of the clip in one direction at a time. 

Loop the paracord around the clip, poke the ends through the rivet holes and tie a square knot. This will prevent the clip from moving in one direction (orange paracord). Pull on the clip to tighten the paracord, you may need to retie your knot a few times to get the length just right. Remember you want everything held nice and tight!

Now that you are done with the first limit you can move onto to the second limit that will hold the clip tightly in place. You have a couple of options here, you can use a separate length of paracord (the purple paracord in the example above) or you can use the tag ends of your first knot to loop around the clip: 

It doesn't matter which limit you start with, I do like to end with the front knot however so that I can push the tag ends through to the back of the sheath.

Larger Blades

For larger blades like the BEEKEEPER you won't be able to mount the clip at the tip of the sheath. You can still use this same method though:

The slightly canted clip doesn't negatively effect the use in my experience. It does however put the top of the clip in the center of the blade so you still get consistent draws and re-sheaths without the sheath pivoting.

I hope you found this helpful! Thanks for reading and as always feel free to reach out to me in Instagram if you have questions or if you have found a carry method that works better for you!

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